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The division of labour

Now that's what I call a box!

Change the facts

ARTIST: Robert Orchardson

TITLE: Chapel
DATE: 2008
MEDIA: Inkjet prints on found magazine photographs

This work is from a series of inkjet prints of geometric linear patterns printed directly onto pages from national geographic magazines.

My work seeks to explore a kind of fragile potential as it draws upon elements of modernist architecture and design, utopian texts, or details from science fiction films. Appropriated fragments are dislocated from their original cultural contexts, and any sense of previous functionality becomes skewed as these are reconfigured to collectively become something new. I play with this shift, creating work that exists in a limbo between where it has come from what it might become.

These prints function in a similar way. There exists a subtle shift in how we read them as part of the magazine. Out of context they begin to develop an increased complexity and sense of ambiguity.
-Robert Orchardson

ARTIST: Susanne Bürner


WITH YOU #6 belongs to a series of posters which show spaces underneath people's beds. Inverted and enlarged, what was lying in the dark before, turns into a big, glowing and impenetrable spot, a screen of projection.

WITH YOU #6 circles around the notion of space at various levels of reality such as imaginative worlds. The space underneath the bed is not only defined by its physical limits but also by the concentration of the emotional input of the viewer or the bed owner it unifies.
-Susanne Bürner

Jacob Dahl Jürgensen
TITLE: 'Mixtape (poème électronique)'
DATE: 2008

The work consists of a Compact Cassette audio tape hung along twine suspended between the walls in the exhibition space, to create a both festive and abject-looking garland. The sound on the tape, which can thus not be heard, is a personal and eclectic compilation of music, sounds, voices and silences, all of which forms a pool of inspiration and research for my current work.

The title of the work obviously refers to personal compilation tapes, but also to a piece of music composed by Edgard Varèse. The composition was an integral part of the Philips Pavilion at the Brussels word fair in 1958, designed by Le Corbusier and Iannis Xenakis. The pavilion was an environment that combined architecture, moving images, sound and colour to create a total work of art.

-Jacob Dahl Jürgensen

ARTISTS: Goldiechiari
TITLE: The Sweetest Thing
DATE: 2006
MEDIA: Vagina mould, resin

ARTIST: Benedetta Jacovoni
TITLE: Active Sculpture
DATE: 2008
DESCRIPTION: A piece of plastic 54 x 52.5 x 53 x 53 and oil color

The Active Sculpture is a rubber surface painted with oil that was originally meant to be the ground for a painting. In my work I experiment with surfaces and plastic materials on which to make oil paintings. Sometimes the result is not satisfactory for technical reasons, mainly because of the way the paint dries. Sometimes these experiments fail. In this case I wanted to recycle a failure, a piece of rubber destined for the tip.

My work has always been connected with the transformation of objects and their own re-transformation, and the re-transformation of their leftovers. Often I transform an object into a sculpture that is then photographed, and finally used as a starting point for a painting. There is a starting point, but no end. In this case I inverted the process — the painting becomes sculpture with the help of photography.

Active Sculpture is a mobile sculpture, completed by four nails at the corners, with which you can fix the pieces in different positions, resulting in an endless array of possible forms.

Infinite sculptures in one.
-Benedetta Jacovoni

ARTIST: Francesco Arena

TITLE: Fontana con agenda (Fountain with diary)

Decisions, decisions

ARTIST: Falke Pisano

TITLE: 29 Decisions for a Time Capsule Radio Piece
DATE: 2006
CD, 6 min. + digital print 29,7 x 21 cm, ed. 12

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29 Decisions for a Time Capsule Radio Piece, 2006 formulates in 29 decisions a text for a sound piece that is at the same time a plan for a future work that could be read as a subjective de-chronologized history of modern and contemporary (abstract) sculpture: the text that is formulated by the decisions is a description of a sequence of events based on writing about sculpture from the last 50 years.
-Falko Pisano

That is (im)material

ARTIST: Jacopo Miliani
DATE: 2006
MEDIA: Lambda print mounted on plexiglass
Courtesy of Via Nuova Arte Contemporanea

To disappear, to dissolve, to dissemble, to obscure are acts evoking a nostalgia for past or future events, whose reality is constantly called into question. In my artistic research, I use different objects as traces of a ghostly presence, in order to exhale atmospheres in between the haste of communication and a sentimental stasis. My work aims to express the impossibility and failure of translating the notion of absence. The category of ‘non-presence’ always refers to a lack of an effective presence and marks the performativity of a space in absence of a subject. The double function of my interventions – installations vs ephemeral situations is not an opposition, but it expresses the way to channel different elements, apparently conflicting each other, in a multi-playing logic. Here dual aspects reinforce their value and lead the viewer into different levels of narration.
-Jacopo Miliani

ARTIST: Cesare Pietroiusti

TITLE: Evolution de l'Art

The gallery Evolution de l’Art arises from a collaboration between SPACE (Juraj Carny, Diana Majdakova and Lydia Pribisova) and Cesare Pietroiusti.

Evolution de l’Art is a gallery for contemporary art which only sells artworks that are immaterial, with no physical residue, and it does not release certificates of authenticity, nor statements or receipts. EdlA will represent, on a non-exclusive basis, artists whose artwork is, at least in the case of some specific projects, alien from any physical-material component. Beyond this condition, there will not be any other limitation or requisite for represented artists in terms of medium or technique.

EdlA offers the possibility of becoming contemporary art collectors to the widest possible audience. Therefore the gallery will offer artworks at a range of very different prices, including some that can be purchased for a few Euros. Purchases can be made at the headquarters of the gallery (Stefanikova 21, Bratislava) or through the website

ARTIST: Kostis Velonis
TITLE: Bound to the Brotherhood
DESCRIPTION: Sculptural Object

The ‘sculptures for the defense of anarchism’ gather some of the symptoms of the anarchism along the history of the movement. It seems to suggest a collective memory, a strike, an alert,
but at the same time they represent a kind of privacy and individuality which lies, I suppose, at the basis of the precise ideology.
-Kostis Velonis

ARTISTS: Vedovamazzei
TITLE: 640 Carezze
DATE: 2005


Bonne chance

ARTIST: Bethan Huws

TITLE: Un coup de dés n'abolira jamais le hasard
(Ready Made 1919 Marcel Duchamp)

DATE: 2008

ARTIST: Georgia Kotretsos
TITLE: Fanfair
DATE: 2008

FANFAIR is a board game based on the ARTEcontemporaneamodernaROMA floor plan. It is designed to be projected on the floor, and artists who are members of the audience are invited to use the 5 round cards to play the game until they finally make it to the VIP room of "an" Art Fair by creating their own rules. One may also print the board and cards, paste it directly on a table top and enjoy the game. It can be played online, over the phone or any other way one can possibly think of.
-Georgia Kotretsos

Wednesday, 27 February 2008


ARTIST: Andrea Salvino

TITLE: Una Ragazza Piuttosto Complicata

Una Ragazza Piuttosto Complicata is the title of a film. The work is a series of visual notes relating to the feminine universe. Looked at, observed and collected according to the poetic thread of my work.
-Andrea Salvino

ARTISTS: Claire Fontaine
DATE: 2007
MEDIA: Stencil, 300gr. cardboard, 800 x 372mm. Stencil wall-text, spray paint
DIMENSIONS: 750 x 170mm

ARTIST: Massimo Grimaldi
TITLE: Finally
DATE: 2008
DESCRIPTION: Two texts (English and Italian versions) printed on two A3 sheets

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Finally is a statement with an intimate character, but its vacuity makes it possible to be considered abstractly.
-Massimo Grimaldi

I see

ARTIST: Federico Pietrella
TITLE: Untitled
DATE: 2006
MEDIA: Wood, paint and glass
DIMENSIONS: 63 x 82cm

ARTIST: Alessandro Sarra

…….For the modern collector……


Sarravisor “Collector’s walking set”

Sarravisor will be launched at ‘The Unfair Fair ‘. The work is a ‘Collector’s walking set’ produced specifically for this fair.

Sarravisor is not a ‘Site Specific’ work, it is a dynamic object for dynamic people, ready . . . to be used everywhere.

An original work by the best Italian talent

Sarravisor’s innovative design can be used at home or while travelling, when you are normally away from the pleasure of your own art collection. Sarravisor is a must.

Sarravisor..... is made of elegant white painted wood .
It comes with 5 classical wooden sticks, each of those supports two oil on canvas, that will be enjoyed in 3D

Sarravisor. . . early birds' price . . . unmissible

Sarravisor……… un prezzo lancio IRRESISTIBILE

Sarravisor…………for the modern collector

ARTIST: Artemis Potamianou
TITLE: Art Seen

The work Art Seen is the imaginary journey of three viewers (a random viewer, a curator and an artist) through lines and points that punctuate the entire exhibition area. The time markings in front of each work refer to the time which each viewer spent looking at each work and to his/her dialectical relationship with the work of art. At the same time, this also constitutes a sharp comment on the manner in which the viewer will be led before the items displayed.
-Artemis Potamianou

Sheet of paper

ARTIST: Guillaime Pinard

TITLE: Stop motion
DATE: 2005
MEDIA: Video, loop of 20'32

ARTIST: Marco Raparelli
TITLE: The flow of time
DATE: 2008

Proposed Schedule for the Unfair Fair

Stop the press!

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Under Deconstruction

Installation in progress at Loto Arte

From one to the other

ARTIST: Walead Beshty
TITLE: Untitled (Museum Museum)

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ARTIST: Carla Zaccagnini
TITLE: Museu das Vistas
DATE: 2002-04 ongoing
DESCRIPTION: A collection of drawings mediated by discourse

Collaborators until December 2007: Roberto EcheverrÌa (Rincón, Puerto Rico), Tamara EspÌrito Santo (São Paulo, Brasil), Larinca Lobos (ValparaÌso, Chile), Cassius Clay (Florianópolis, Brasil), Mario Arieta (Mexico City, Mexico), Juan Carlos Hernández Sierra (Medellin, Colombia), Jorge William Gallo MejÌa (Medellin Colombia), Juan Galvis (Medellin, Colombia), Nevio Alonso Salinas MejÌa (Medellin, Colombia), Ida Bjöns (Stockholm, Sweden), Anna Giertz (Stockholm, Sweden), Lotta Jarlsdotter (Stockholm, Sweden), Kerstin Ahlgren (Stockholm, Sweden)

This project, initiated in 2004, consists of a mechanism for constituting a collection of drawings of views mediated by discourse. These drawings are made by police artists, according to descriptions of views provided by any person willing to take part in the project. Each of these drawings in made on auto-copying paper, the original graphite drawings are given to describers while the MdVcollects the copies. The idea is that the resulting archive testifies to the ways in which landscape becomes a mental image and how this mental image can become discourse and be translated to drawing. By means of the dialogue established during this process and of what is possible to communicate in this way, these images can be shared and made visible.
-Carla Zaccagnini

ARTIST: Carl Trahan
TITLE: Untitled (erased drawings)
DATE: Work-in-progress. 2007-2008

Friends of different origins were asked to do a drawing on a given piece of paper with different words—often used to describe translation—as a starting point (trust, treason, incorporation, annexation, fidelity, otherness, transparency, mediation, double). A description of each drawing was written and then the drawings were erased. Their description were finally inscribed on a similar surface, using blue carbon paper.
-Carl Trahan

Anne-Claire Budin (France)
Sylvie Cotton (Canada)
Anke Dessin (Germany)
Kasper Muttonen (Finland)
Carla Zaccagnini (Brazil)

ARTISTS: It’s Our Pleasure To Serve You

When You See Me Again it Won’t Be Me is a series of interrelated events and collective demands. It purposefully includes all fields of creative production and seeks to invite an infinitely growing number of participating artists and collectives. A magazine under the name When You see Me Again It Won’t Be Me was produced by Kerstin Braetsch and Adele Roeder for The Announcement and for Would you Like some Coffee?

It’s Our Pleasure To Serve You
Is not a dance group
Is a constant demand for meetings and associations
Extension of music, movement, painting and voice
Signs of constant territorial creations
In search of optics and fantasies
Desiring obstacles, undoing the chains, asking how to screw vibrations
Looking for codes of arms and legs
It’s our pleasure to come closer and break apart
-It's Our Pleasure To Serve You