Wednesday, 27 February 2008

I see

ARTIST: Federico Pietrella
TITLE: Untitled
DATE: 2006
MEDIA: Wood, paint and glass
DIMENSIONS: 63 x 82cm

ARTIST: Alessandro Sarra

…….For the modern collector……


Sarravisor “Collector’s walking set”

Sarravisor will be launched at ‘The Unfair Fair ‘. The work is a ‘Collector’s walking set’ produced specifically for this fair.

Sarravisor is not a ‘Site Specific’ work, it is a dynamic object for dynamic people, ready . . . to be used everywhere.

An original work by the best Italian talent

Sarravisor’s innovative design can be used at home or while travelling, when you are normally away from the pleasure of your own art collection. Sarravisor is a must.

Sarravisor..... is made of elegant white painted wood .
It comes with 5 classical wooden sticks, each of those supports two oil on canvas, that will be enjoyed in 3D

Sarravisor. . . early birds' price . . . unmissible

Sarravisor……… un prezzo lancio IRRESISTIBILE

Sarravisor…………for the modern collector

ARTIST: Artemis Potamianou
TITLE: Art Seen

The work Art Seen is the imaginary journey of three viewers (a random viewer, a curator and an artist) through lines and points that punctuate the entire exhibition area. The time markings in front of each work refer to the time which each viewer spent looking at each work and to his/her dialectical relationship with the work of art. At the same time, this also constitutes a sharp comment on the manner in which the viewer will be led before the items displayed.
-Artemis Potamianou