Wednesday, 27 February 2008

From one to the other

ARTIST: Walead Beshty
TITLE: Untitled (Museum Museum)

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ARTIST: Carla Zaccagnini
TITLE: Museu das Vistas
DATE: 2002-04 ongoing
DESCRIPTION: A collection of drawings mediated by discourse

Collaborators until December 2007: Roberto EcheverrÌa (Rincón, Puerto Rico), Tamara EspÌrito Santo (São Paulo, Brasil), Larinca Lobos (ValparaÌso, Chile), Cassius Clay (Florianópolis, Brasil), Mario Arieta (Mexico City, Mexico), Juan Carlos Hernández Sierra (Medellin, Colombia), Jorge William Gallo MejÌa (Medellin Colombia), Juan Galvis (Medellin, Colombia), Nevio Alonso Salinas MejÌa (Medellin, Colombia), Ida Bjöns (Stockholm, Sweden), Anna Giertz (Stockholm, Sweden), Lotta Jarlsdotter (Stockholm, Sweden), Kerstin Ahlgren (Stockholm, Sweden)

This project, initiated in 2004, consists of a mechanism for constituting a collection of drawings of views mediated by discourse. These drawings are made by police artists, according to descriptions of views provided by any person willing to take part in the project. Each of these drawings in made on auto-copying paper, the original graphite drawings are given to describers while the MdVcollects the copies. The idea is that the resulting archive testifies to the ways in which landscape becomes a mental image and how this mental image can become discourse and be translated to drawing. By means of the dialogue established during this process and of what is possible to communicate in this way, these images can be shared and made visible.
-Carla Zaccagnini

ARTIST: Carl Trahan
TITLE: Untitled (erased drawings)
DATE: Work-in-progress. 2007-2008

Friends of different origins were asked to do a drawing on a given piece of paper with different words—often used to describe translation—as a starting point (trust, treason, incorporation, annexation, fidelity, otherness, transparency, mediation, double). A description of each drawing was written and then the drawings were erased. Their description were finally inscribed on a similar surface, using blue carbon paper.
-Carl Trahan

Anne-Claire Budin (France)
Sylvie Cotton (Canada)
Anke Dessin (Germany)
Kasper Muttonen (Finland)
Carla Zaccagnini (Brazil)

ARTISTS: It’s Our Pleasure To Serve You

When You See Me Again it Won’t Be Me is a series of interrelated events and collective demands. It purposefully includes all fields of creative production and seeks to invite an infinitely growing number of participating artists and collectives. A magazine under the name When You see Me Again It Won’t Be Me was produced by Kerstin Braetsch and Adele Roeder for The Announcement and for Would you Like some Coffee?

It’s Our Pleasure To Serve You
Is not a dance group
Is a constant demand for meetings and associations
Extension of music, movement, painting and voice
Signs of constant territorial creations
In search of optics and fantasies
Desiring obstacles, undoing the chains, asking how to screw vibrations
Looking for codes of arms and legs
It’s our pleasure to come closer and break apart
-It's Our Pleasure To Serve You