Friday, 22 February 2008

Wer ist der Schoenste?

ARTIST: Caroline Achaintre

TITLE: Transgender
MEDIA: Slide show of digital images
DATE: 2008

ARTIST: Benoît Maire
TITLE: Feuille Blanche #5
MEDIA: Gouache tempera on wood
DATE: 2008

Studio view - Feuille Blanche #5 is on the left. It comprises, says the artist, "several horizontal lines and one vertical, made with a pencil and ruler during a day of boredom".

ARTIST: Carla Zaccagnini
TITLE: Estampa (celeste)
DATE: 2007
MEDIA: Silk screen on silk
Printed by Anderson Rubbo
Unlimited edition

Estampa (Celeste) is a silk-screen on light-blue natural silk, printed in white with seven different photographs of clouds. The images are printed randomly so that there is no pattern that repeats itself, making each segment of it into a unique piece. The print is sold by the metre at 250 monetary units, in the currency of the country where it is shown and sold.

ARTIST: Carola Bonfili
TITLE: Tarli
DATE: 2008

MEDIA: Wood, found photocopied photograph