Friday, 22 February 2008

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ARTIST: Nicolas Chardon
TITLE: Points Cardinaux
DATES: 2004-2008

What sort of radicalism are we talking about? That of modern avant-gardes?
Here, when I speak of radicalism, it's more an image of radicalism in painting. The moment I start painting is when my position on this question is the most evident. I start painting on an object, a painting, that by its very form has already resolved many of the formal issues of modernism: the fabric is a support for colors, a pattern — a grid what's more —, and even performs a movement by deforming the grid. The action of painting is a second phase. And this phase is truly an after thought in terms of avant-garde ambitions. We can say that my painting is detached from them, even if it still manifests the symptoms. If we consider that distancing strategies are characteristic of modernism, we also need to see that the distancing in my work — the deformation of the grid — comes from a traditional act shared by all painters : stretching a canvas. In my case, radicalism is not heroic but rather everyday, archetypal.

-Nicolas Chardon/Judicael Lavrador
Index, in catalogue. Nicolas Chardon, 2004, published by Revolver, Archiv Fur Aktuelle Kunst

ARTIST: Gregor Passens
TITLE: Wake up
DATE: 2005
TIME: 5:25 mins.
DESCRIPTION: Firework at dawn in the crater of a volcano
(in Catamarca, Argentina, 4000 m. altitude)

ARTIST: Runo Lagomarsino
TITLE: Untitled (Geometry of Hope)
DATE: 2007
MEDIA: Print
SIZE: 27 x 21 cm

If you don't know what the south is
It's simply because you are from the north

ARTIST: Stanislao Di Giugno
How to make a full trip around the world without moving from your f**king city” or “The Explorer”
MEDIA: Honda SH 50cc

The artist's Honda SH 50cc shows 40,075km on the clock. The distance corresponds to the length of the equatorial line.

ARTISTS: - the Federal Trade Association for Undocumented Travelling (Farida Heuck, Ralf Homann, Manuela Unverdorben)

TITLE: Sticky Tape - Give Away

The Sticky Tape by is an auxiliary tool. Please stick the tape on the ground anywhere a borderline is hindering undocumented travelling or the freedom of movement, make a snapshot and send it accompanied by a short description to the public collection of the Imaginary Border Academy ( or to info(at) Thank you.

ARTIST: Rossella Biscotti
TITLE: We will be here forever
MEDIA/DESCRIPTION: A tape cassette with a recorded voice of a man saying: "We will be here forever, forever and ever and ever and ever…" He is talking for an hour.

We will be here forever is a re-enactment of a statement by American rapper KRS-ONE. I asked a man to repeat it for the entire length of the tape cassette. Besides its specific political meaning for the Afro community in America, I’m interested in this phrase in relation to his idealism based on a conscious “passive resistance”. It’s a fight based on a physical presence existing over time.
- Rossella Biscotti

ARTIST: Bettina Buck
TITLE: Hanging Mountains
MEDIA: Clay, metal fixing
SIZE: 23 x 16 x 12cm

…. during the play the king’s crown kept slipping revealing it to be made of cardboard and tinsel. Despite this the play continued.
... I’m interested in the King, his ill-fitting crown and the play.
- Bettina Buck