Friday, 22 February 2008

It's the economy, stupid

ARTIST: Italo Zuffi

TITLE: Elenco (Flash Art 2006), printed version
DATE: 2006
DESCRIPTION: Two inkjet prints on paper (diptych), 20 x 20cm each, edition of 3

Elenco (Flash Art 2006)was a performance during which the singer of the band the Madcapsread, with growing emphasis, the ranking published in the magazineFlash Art in April 2006. Flash Art asked a group of critics and gallerists to vote the best artists operating in Italy after Maurizio Cattelan. The singer started to declaim the artists from the first position (occupied by Roberto Cuoghi, with 285 points), and stopped as soon as he reached Italo Zuffi (25th, with 76 points).
-Italo Zuffi

ARTIST: Elena Nemkova
TITLE: 'In 30 years' time the middle classes becoming revolutionary, taking on the role of Marx's proletariat,- the British military experts affirmed.'
Unique edition
DIMENSIONS: 20x27 cm
DATE: 2008

ARTIST: Domenico Mangano

TITLE: Spray 'n Buy

MEDIA: Treated aerosol spray can

Spray on potential collectors during art fairs to maximize sales. Use advisedly.

ARTIST: Johan Tirén
TITLE: Do you believe in change?
MEDIA: Lambda prints

An opportunity for you to be instrumental to art.