Sunday, 24 February 2008

In Here

ARTIST: Meris Angioletti

TITLE: Work in progress (wake), 2008
DESCRIPTION: Drawings on a copy of Finnegan’s Wake by James Joyce, Faber & Faber, London 1975

I came back to this book through research I am conducting on transcription/measurement of brain activity during sleep. Finnegan’s Wake recounts someone’s sleep - the process of pinpointing sleeping consciousness, following its cycles and where possible its language. Finnegan’s Wake is a Chinese box, a work-in-progress (in terms of (un)readability, interpretation and incompletion) within a work-in-progress. Each time the copy of the book is taken apart, modified and reassembled.
-Meris Angioletti

ARTISTS: A Constructed World
TITLE: Burning Room
DATE: March 2008

The Hotel Louisiane in Paris has been known as a cultural site since the 60s, where people isolated themselves and congregated to look at the world in diverging ways. Rather like the Chelsea Hotel in New York its decrepit antithesis represents what inner city gentrification erases. In January 2008 before its renovation, a number of artists were invited to the hotel to make celebrations and interventions. ACW inhabited a room, re-made here in this model, and presented the following text:

Don’t Imagine All The People
When bands like The Who smashed up hotel rooms they were prescient about what a generation would become: destructive consumers, trashing our shared environment in favour of individualistic impulses.
A Constructed World’s work laments the failure of the hippies. There is no way of going back to go forward. No way 'to get up to get down’. We need un-thought-of futures, we need ‘to dissolve the people and elect another’.

This is the fifth hotel room ACW have made a work in. Rather than the audience travelling to the room, ACW bring the room to you in two places, Melbourne and Rome, to consider the-moment-that-never-was that is now lost.

…trying to integrate all aspects of psychic material may not always be possible. Aiming to do so may lead to self-destructive behaviour and real risks to the individual. Rather than trying to undo fragmentation, we should aim at a detailed exploration of its context and history. This will allow us to give a voice to fragmentation rather than to reverse it.
Darian Leader, unpublished paper 2006

"I wish I could say that wind turbines and solar panels will save us," Lovelock responds. "But I can't. There isn't any kind of solution possible. There are nearly 7 billion people on the planet now, not to mention livestock and pets. If you just take the CO2 of everything breathing, it's twenty-five percent of the total — four times as much CO2 as all the airlines in the world. So if you want to improve your carbon footprint, just hold your breath”.
The Prophet of Climate Change: James Lovelock, Rolling Stone Online, January 2008

Burning this work makes it unfinished.

- A Constructed World for the Unfair Fair in Rome with 1:1 Projects and the group group show with DAMP in Melbourne in March 2008.

ARTIST: Charlotte Moth
TITLE: Untitled (detail)
MEDIA/DESCRIPTION: 36 prints of images, 7 x 5"
DATE: 2008

The series of images presented for the Unfair Fair depict a fragmented view that builds into a form cartographic understanding of a space. They were taken looking through a shop front window which became both a threshold of exclusion and inclusion. This work was made for a live event, where two people read a text written by myself, one asking the questions the other answering. During this time of reading the slides where presented. Both text and image find a way to reveal an experience of a place, looking at the possibility of how thoughts and images co-exist.
- Charlotte Moth

ARTIST: Alban Hajdinaj
TITLE: Uomo Vogue
MEDIA: Video

The video ‘Uomo Vogue’ documents the shooting process of a portrait of the artist by the photographer of Vogue magazine and his assistants at the artist’s studio.

This video attempts to distinguish the tension between the artist as a human being and the ‘artist’ as a magazine image. The unstaged recording of this happening is a document of a physical transformation, of an ethical compromise and of hidden power play acting.
- Alban Hajdinaj

ARTIST: Etienne Chambaud
TITLE: The Blind Spot
MEDIA/DESCRIPTION: Found photograph framed with a hand-cut matte exposing only a portion of the image
DIMENSIONS: 25.5 x 29.5cm
DATE: 2008

The photo was taken by the architect who designed the functional monkey cage of which we can see a detail. I shot a film in 2004 in this monkey cage called Le Troupeau du Dehors / The Outside Herd (
- Etienne Chambaud

ARTISTS: Isola and Norzi
TITLE: temp. (arabesque)
DATE: 2007

ARTIST: Sandrine Nicoletta
DATE: 2008