Sunday 27 April 2008

Unfair Deluxe

Unfair Deluxe edition by Wolfgang Berkowski

The 'Unfair Deluxe' is a signed edition of 10 (+ 2 artist's proofs) by Wolfgang Berkowski. Each number of the edition consists of a slide projector with a set of 60 slides, a specially printed catalogue with additional printed matter and material samples of the exhibition display, all housed in a custom-made wooden box. Each number of the edition is unique.

Monday 3 March 2008

More installation views

Work by Wolfgang Berkowski (detail). All temporary walls and supports in the installation are part of this work.

Background: Works by Pietro Sanguineti, Magnus Thierfelder and Manuela Ribadeneira (anti-clockwise)
Foreground: Works by Alessandro Sarra, Domenico Mangano and others

Work by Domenico Mangano

Work by Carl Trahan

Work suspended on string is by Jacob Dahl Jürgensen

Foreground on right: Work by Lili Reynaud Dewar

Work by Carla Zaccagnini

Foreground left: Work by Charlotte Moth
Foreground right (from front): Works by Kostis Velonis and Ursula Mayer
Background: work by Johan Tiren

Work by Johan Tiren (detail)

Production coordinator Athena Panni sits on work by Stanislao di Giugno. Artist Federico Pietrella stands behind. Work by Italo Zuffi and Sandrine Nicoletta can be (barely) seen in the background.

Work by Cindy Smith

Jacopo Miliani (balloon anchored by ice-cream outside Loto Arte during exhibition opening)

A Constructed World (box prior to being burned)

Work by Caroline Achaintre (on monitor)

Work by Francesco Arena

Maria Karantzi (flag outside Loto Arte)

'Untitled and Unsigned Piece'

Whose work is this? We don't know...

Still life with catalogue

The Catalogue; shrink-wrapped (on table at front)

Web version of the catalogue available here

Giorne & Notte (Athena Panni, Vincent Honore, Ines Musemeci Greco, Stefano Simeoni, Cecilia Canziani and Louise Garrett)

Saturday 1 March 2008

Getting there

Men at work

Under control

Nearly there (Artemis Potamianou working on floor piece - 30 minutes to go before the opening). voila!

Marco Raparelli

Installation view showing works by Manuela Ribadeneira, Luca Vitone, Nicolas Chardon, Runo Lagomarsino and Isola and Norzi (anti-clockwise)

Work by Manuela Ribadeneira

Work by Isola and Norzi

Installation view showing works by Carola Bonfini, Ra di Martino and Charlotte Moth (anti-clockwise)

Installation view showing works by Vedovamazzei, Guillaume Pinard (projection) and a collaborative work by Etienne Chambaud and Benoit Maire (anti-clockwise). Floor-work by Artemis Potamianou.

Works by Carla Zaccagnini, Pernille Kapper Williams and Claire Fontaine (anti-clockwise)

The temporary walls/supports for the installation are a work by Wolfgang Berkowski.

Bik van der Pol (detail)

First impressions - 29.02.08

New York: Erase una vez un lobito bueno al que maltrataban todos los corderos. Y había también un príncipe malo, una bruja hermosa y un pirata honrado. Todas estas cosas había una vez cuando yo soñaba un mundo al revés.

Frankfurt am Main: It's early. The sun is shining. I remove the dust from a record and play »When love breaks down« by Prefab Sprout, perhaps slightly too loud. An espresso, toast and juice of three oranges, which I seem to have squeezed into a too big glass, is waiting for me. For a minute, the sky seems to get cloudy.

Recife: woke up in a bed i had never woken up before. alone. the room was a bit too cold. a good feeling, being conscious of how hot it will be outside, as proved by the strong sunlight coming in from a thin line where the curtain is lifted by the air conditioner. i asked her to call back in one hour and spent one third of that time feeling cold. as if i could save it for later.

Montréal: Woke up early and feeling tired because of a bad night sleep due to Jet Lag. Minus twenty degrees outside, but lots of fresh snow and a crisp blue sky. I tried to make a fire, but the wood do not cooperate. After a half our of work, I succeeded. I need a coffee.

Rome: no more drunk.

Berlin: woke up at about 8 am. looked out of the window. a cloudy greyish sky. it seems much colder than yesterday. at 9.30 am talked to my healer. could not go out for a walk this morning, because i had to finish the layout of an exhibition catalogue and send the PDF to the printer. Just finished with that. Looking out of the window there are still clouds, but a warm and bright sunlight is coming into my room and warms. that feels good. Maybe i will go for a walk later. Now i want to continue to work on a new series of lightbox motif. the word is "nature".

Quito: tanto sueño aun que lloro y no puedo escribir estas palabras, necesito un bate pero primero escribo instrucciones, frio pero promete ser un día con sol hay reflejos en mi computadora tengo una espinilla debajo de mi nariz

London, 10:41am: It's quite cold outside but the air is very fresh. I feel tired after staying up most of the I am going to eat couple of crumpets with cheese, which will make me feel alive again!

Hoorn: I think about in which order to do what before i leave. Then I wonder why i decided to do this performance all improvisation and almost no language. And if it is really because i think 'it's necessary in my practice' or if it is just because my concentration is so bad these days that i can only actually work when something is expected of me. I come to the conclusion that its probably a combination and then i think about it some more, fitting it, with some ideas about operations and the instance, in the more general ideas i have about my life. It fits quite nice. I get up. I feel good and light. Then i feel a bit ridiculous. I am still coughing all the time and it's a mess here.

Rome: I’ve been wake up at 5 by an asthma attack. It’s remind me to a line Cortázar let say to his Che Guevara in Reunión: “… el asma es mi amante y me ha enseñado a aprovechar la noche…” (… asthma is my lover and teaches me to enjoy the night…). I was totally disagree. But, after a while, when my breath had calm down, I herd, in the silent, the bird’s sing: was the time Rohmer call L’heure bleue. The incredible, magic passage between night and the new day. And I did enjoy it.

London at 6.30 in the morning: Got woken up from my daughter cry for milk, still braindead, then hung out with her on sofa hoping she would fall asleep again. She didn't. Slowly getting dressed and remembering this task I promised to do.

Stockholm: My first impression of this day when my son woke me up at 5.50 in the morning, was that it was to early to get up, and that I wanted to stay in bed. Anyway it's a nice day in Stockholm, it almost feels like spring has arrived, although the winter never came this year.

London: over hang over

Rome: 8.51 The floor is brown and smooth. Outside too many noises. I have to choose my clothes.

Tirana: I wake up at seven. Neo is trying to say something, but he is mostly spitting. I understand that he wants to get up. My body is tired and I don’t want to leave bed. I see from the window and I see that the next house has a new roof which I hadn’t seen before. I make a coffee and drink it slowly. Neo is sitting in front of me and laughs. I eat a toast and give a spoon to Neo because he needs to keep something in his hands. He throws it away. I give him a plastic cup. He throws it away too. I see from the window; it will be a sunny day.

London: I wake feeling somewhat destroyed. Having slept little. Its not yet light outside. Earl Grey tea. I wait for the taxi.

Playa de Alojera on La Gomera (Canary Islands): The waves were loud in our apartment. I woke up slowly. After having had a peppermint tea the world looked different. The first question was whether the weather was sufficient to spend the day on the beach with my Ransmayr novel on the discovery of unknown lands around the north pole or whether we had to go hiking in the mountains which doesn't need as much sun. We decided to stay.

want to wear my sunglasses, have to go to the hospital, I will sleep again there, on the shoulder of G. if he's coming, want to take a book because want to stay outside all day, my shoes are broken, have to put the tape

Rome, 8:00a.m : It's so nice here.Oh my God, I have to hurry to go to install my work!!!! I hope the exhibition to be installed.......

Thursday 28 February 2008


The division of labour

Now that's what I call a box!

Change the facts

ARTIST: Robert Orchardson

TITLE: Chapel
DATE: 2008
MEDIA: Inkjet prints on found magazine photographs

This work is from a series of inkjet prints of geometric linear patterns printed directly onto pages from national geographic magazines.

My work seeks to explore a kind of fragile potential as it draws upon elements of modernist architecture and design, utopian texts, or details from science fiction films. Appropriated fragments are dislocated from their original cultural contexts, and any sense of previous functionality becomes skewed as these are reconfigured to collectively become something new. I play with this shift, creating work that exists in a limbo between where it has come from what it might become.

These prints function in a similar way. There exists a subtle shift in how we read them as part of the magazine. Out of context they begin to develop an increased complexity and sense of ambiguity.
-Robert Orchardson

ARTIST: Susanne Bürner


WITH YOU #6 belongs to a series of posters which show spaces underneath people's beds. Inverted and enlarged, what was lying in the dark before, turns into a big, glowing and impenetrable spot, a screen of projection.

WITH YOU #6 circles around the notion of space at various levels of reality such as imaginative worlds. The space underneath the bed is not only defined by its physical limits but also by the concentration of the emotional input of the viewer or the bed owner it unifies.
-Susanne Bürner

Jacob Dahl Jürgensen
TITLE: 'Mixtape (poème électronique)'
DATE: 2008

The work consists of a Compact Cassette audio tape hung along twine suspended between the walls in the exhibition space, to create a both festive and abject-looking garland. The sound on the tape, which can thus not be heard, is a personal and eclectic compilation of music, sounds, voices and silences, all of which forms a pool of inspiration and research for my current work.

The title of the work obviously refers to personal compilation tapes, but also to a piece of music composed by Edgard Varèse. The composition was an integral part of the Philips Pavilion at the Brussels word fair in 1958, designed by Le Corbusier and Iannis Xenakis. The pavilion was an environment that combined architecture, moving images, sound and colour to create a total work of art.

-Jacob Dahl Jürgensen

ARTISTS: Goldiechiari
TITLE: The Sweetest Thing
DATE: 2006
MEDIA: Vagina mould, resin

ARTIST: Benedetta Jacovoni
TITLE: Active Sculpture
DATE: 2008
DESCRIPTION: A piece of plastic 54 x 52.5 x 53 x 53 and oil color

The Active Sculpture is a rubber surface painted with oil that was originally meant to be the ground for a painting. In my work I experiment with surfaces and plastic materials on which to make oil paintings. Sometimes the result is not satisfactory for technical reasons, mainly because of the way the paint dries. Sometimes these experiments fail. In this case I wanted to recycle a failure, a piece of rubber destined for the tip.

My work has always been connected with the transformation of objects and their own re-transformation, and the re-transformation of their leftovers. Often I transform an object into a sculpture that is then photographed, and finally used as a starting point for a painting. There is a starting point, but no end. In this case I inverted the process — the painting becomes sculpture with the help of photography.

Active Sculpture is a mobile sculpture, completed by four nails at the corners, with which you can fix the pieces in different positions, resulting in an endless array of possible forms.

Infinite sculptures in one.
-Benedetta Jacovoni

ARTIST: Francesco Arena

TITLE: Fontana con agenda (Fountain with diary)